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Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair

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Philippine Park:Tasty Tempura Sauce

Parks in the Philippines are usually crowded on the weekends. Kids don’t have classes and some parents don’t go to work making it a rightful occasion to visit the park and play like the other kids.

The fun slide that my son used to play with the other kids on the park.

But what really excites me and my husband is not the park itself but the tempura that is sold just in any corner of the park. They make the playground livelier and what makes it salable is the tasty sauce normally in its sweet and spicy combination to give a varied taste for the kids and the adults.

Lame Ang Sauce Tilaw Lang means ” The Sauce Is Tasty, Just Try”

The tempura stand is made up of a three-wheeled bike that can easily be drawn anywhere the owner wants.

Yes, the owner can move the cart just anywhere in the place. Cart owners normally carry with them orange juice or soda to pair with the tempura they’re selling. For some they even have more snacks for the kids to choose from that includes corned chips, popcorn, corn grits, salted peanuts, biscuits and many more.

My son love tempura most with a sweetened sauce. He can’t endure the spicy one. A stick normally cost 10 pesos that around 25 cents in dollar so it’s not that expensive for parents to have. Very affordable I thought.

It costs 10 pesos a stick or more or less 25 cents in dollar. Affordable and delicious.


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Watching “Temptation of an Angel”

The Series: Temptation of an Angel

When can you tell the person showing you some affections and sympathy is true and not the one that came to realize his or her plot to revenge? Certainly no one knows.

Few days ago I was following a very beautiful Korean Drama series that made me have sleepless nights for being so restless not finishing it. I went crazy for a short period of time not being able to finish it soon. The story line is very captivating that you can help it but finish. 

I love watching drama but this one is different. The title itself explains the difference. An angel doesn’t need to tempt any one but in this case a man so simple in his dreams and so meek is a victim of revenge that he never committed. The woman whom he innocently love with all his heart wanted to kill him to make his parents— the culprit of the murder who happened 25years ago feel the sufferings she went through.

The story is more that hatred and revenge it is also a great example of love and forgiveness. Well, life is full of all those things. In the end anyone is responsible for the outcome of his or her life be it miserable or not. 


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Watching “My Neighbor Totoro”

The Video: My Neighbor Totoro

My husband always tells me that I have a youthful heart. Honestly, I do. Not because I am naive or innocent but because I still love stuff that mostly young people do. Let’s take animation for example. Who couldn’t love animated movies? Almost all kids do love animation. First and foremost it will certainly hone kids imaginations and they’re more exciting. 

Few weeks ago I found out that animated movies can easily be found anywhere in the net. Wow! I felt relieved when I found one. I’ve known the movie three years ago but haven’t watch it. I thought the movie was really good since it’s created by the most famous writer and director Hayao Miyazaki. Indeed, it’s a good and exciting movie. The characters were perfectly presented. Knowing that the main characters were played by young children. 

Well, not all who loved animation are kids but I believe those who dare watch animated movies possesses a youthful heart like me.


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Walking home from school normally becomes our afternoon exercise everyday. Our home is 15 minutes far from the road. We need to climb up a little since the house is located on the hill. I never remember a day that I didn’t ask him of what happen in school. My son loves school a lot and I want him to feel that as much as possible. So the road seems to be the right venue for a little chat about it.

Sitting in the plaza and feeling the breeze of the wind at the center of town is our usual recreation on the weekend. My son loves seeing the other children playing there and if he’s lucky he finds new friends to play with. 

He loves me painting his face with beautiful colors. I beleive he doesn’t know much about art yet but he feels liking arts. I love looking at him anyway and he enjoys that.

These days, he spend most of his time in school and he does things mostly related to it. I believe the very foundation of a person is build at home and in school. Philippine Education is getting tougher each year. And yet, I wish my son to see that it’s not about the difficulty he normally faces in school everyday; it’s the fun he found in learning new things that would probably make him a greater person in the future is the best achievement he can get from it.

There were days that life seems difficult and unhospitable. Problems arises and going out for a sweet creamy softie is the only way to ease them. I love him seeing with a smiling eyes while eating the ice cream in celebration. Children needs good stuff to turn the ir moods upside down.

Swimming is fun not just for adults but more so to kids. My son can’t swim well yet but he loves the fascinating  feeling that only water can bring. Free beaches are just 15 miuutes away from home and indeed beautiful especially early in the morning or near sunset where the sun is not high.

Most mothers say, molding kids temperament and personality is the hardest job a mother could get. I swear it is. But honestly it’s getting easier each day because I love my son and I never do anything that will turn him to worst.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time!



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An Improvised Crayon Holder

Almost everyone of us would love to use new ones as much as possible butI guess almost allmothers wish they can save and make use of the old ones. So here I am a mother and like most of the mothers, I also love save. Actually the idea just poped up in my head one day when I saw my son suffer from using an old broken crayons to color his homework. It’s not that I can’t buy a new crayons for him but I guess I should ne the first person to teach him how to save.The idea sounds somewhat crazy but I bet it will also work on you.

First, I gathered and checked all my broken old crayons together. I actually have them all kept in a container because I didn’t have in mind to just throw them away and also for me to find them easily.

And then I look for a used old pen. What did I do with it? Well, I thought of using it to improvised a tool that will help my son use the broken old crayons without difficulty.

I thought the case of the pen maybe useful as an extender of the broken old crayon.

The back part of the pen is maybe pefect for this crazy project. I was just optimistic and decisive about making new things from the ordinary.

I just made sure the crayons fit right into the back case of the pen. Perfect fit! That’s what I was looking for.

Now, there you are. An improvised crayon holder. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s a very functional holder. Because you can always pull the crayon out and change to whatever color you’re going to use.

And there you are! My son–using the improvised crayon holder with comfort and ease. I believe everything can be done with a genius idea and a little creativity. Everybody can formulate anything, all we need is a little determination and a the fun to do it.

I hope you like this share. ^^,


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