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An Improvised Crayon Holder

Almost everyone of us would love to use new ones as much as possible butI guess almost allmothers wish they can save and make use of the old ones. So here I am a mother and like most of the mothers, I also love save. Actually the idea just poped up in my head one day when I saw my son suffer from using an old broken crayons to color his homework. It’s not that I can’t buy a new crayons for him but I guess I should ne the first person to teach him how to save.The idea sounds somewhat crazy but I bet it will also work on you.

First, I gathered and checked all my broken old crayons together. I actually have them all kept in a container because I didn’t have in mind to just throw them away and also for me to find them easily.

And then I look for a used old pen. What did I do with it? Well, I thought of using it to improvised a tool that will help my son use the broken old crayons without difficulty.

I thought the case of the pen maybe useful as an extender of the broken old crayon.

The back part of the pen is maybe pefect for this crazy project. I was just optimistic and decisive about making new things from the ordinary.

I just made sure the crayons fit right into the back case of the pen. Perfect fit! That’s what I was looking for.

Now, there you are. An improvised crayon holder. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s a very functional holder. Because you can always pull the crayon out and change to whatever color you’re going to use.

And there you are! My son–using the improvised crayon holder with comfort and ease. I believe everything can be done with a genius idea and a little creativity. Everybody can formulate anything, all we need is a little determination and a the fun to do it.

I hope you like this share. ^^,


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All You Need Is Love

Love is everywhere. Love can be with you and with the person beside you. Love is usually present to the couples who were holding hands in the park benches. But you won’t believe this, love is literally everywhere even on the concrete fence wall. This graffiti in one of the street in London attest to that. And as you can see it in this text, it tells every passers-by “All You Need Is Love” which I truly agree. Do you?

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Why Filipinos Are Qualified to Write And Get Paid?

Who could ever think anybody can write and get paid?

In the Philippine, it’s never in the mind of most people that writing sensible articles can be a job. But this doesn’t mean they don’t know how to write. Thousands of Filipinos love to write and even be more creative about it.

Yes, earning is what makes other people move. In the Philippines, people don’t really think that earning can be as simple as staying at home. Here in the country, almost all people think that you have to go to work punch in and out in the company and get paid in a day.

English is widely used in the country and it has been proven already by many. Over 90% speaks well and even write. But this people hardly believe in earning by just using one’s spare time. Who could ever believe that?

Funny, but I was once like them. Long before, I laughed at articles– writing about how to earn money by writing. But then I have this friend who gave me the link here and write articles. I love writing. That’s usually my breakfast. But earning through it? I realized it can be possible.

There are thousands of feed that welcome freelance writer to post there articles and earn through it. In bukisa, wikinut and factoids you can see people earned thousands of bucks just by writing.

Writing? “That sounds hard.” “That sounds heavy.” a common notion for people who don’t give a heck. I perfectly understand. I sympathize. But earning through writing doesn’t really mean to be like that.

Filipinos, I believe, possess a quality that made them qualified to be a writer and get paid. Millions of graduates and degree holders just stay idle at home doing nothing and not being productive. What are those degrees for? A few work under-employed and never receive a good compensation. Why endure all these predicaments? Why not do other jobs that do more than the usual. Why not write?

Now I’m inviting my friends to take a glance and write as well. With this I’m helping them. And they help themselves.


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Why Are we Out of Track in Life Most of The Time?

Why are we out of track in life most of the time? Why do we just want to follow the people around us? Are we hoping to be right because they are? There are thousands of questions in this life. But I believe only a few of us asked the essence of our existence.

I usually ask students with this question, “What is the purpose of life?” Interesting question, isn’t it? This sometimes ignites a person to give an annotated answer. But of all the answers that I gathered, I had this interesting story of a student named Daniel.

He said he doesn’t really know what life means and so as its purpose. Most of his actions are made without further reflections and they were not directed to a certain aim. He thought, what the common people are doing is right. And acquiring all sorts of achievements would make him feel satisfied.

But with all honesty, he humbles himself and said; never in his life did he feel a bit of contentment. That he maybe is just one of the wanderers in this world. He recalled a story and realize. That once in his life, he was crazy of computer games. In the game, he tends to collect all the necessary stuff that would make him powerful enough to complete a task and eventually level-up. But the more he advanced in level the more he craved to magnify his position in the game.

But one time, as he was there on top looking at the other competitors, he found out that all the efforts he made were in vain. The achievements, he thrived to have never given him any happiness at all but emptiness. And questioned why was he playing the game? Why did he go on? Was that what he expects to have?

Like Daniel most of the time we thought life is about winning a contest, saving a lot of money, or maybe possessing properties. Not realizing that genuine happiness in life can’t be found in the things we want to have but the things we always have but never recognize.

Love, peace, faith, contentment, friendship, trust and many more that doesn’t require us from competing. Anyone who possesses all these has lived life to the fullest. Not following other people but one’s heart.

Now, Daniel is hoping to be very happy. He said, he wants to find love and be loved. He wants to follow his heart and never be lost again.

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A Korean Student’s View of The Philippines–Worth it to be Reflected by The Country

Philippines is one of the most visited countries in the Southeast Asia because of its breathtaking scenic views. You’d never see and believe a landscape like Philippines. The country possesses thousands of islands and to be exact 7, 107 islands. Who can ever explore the entire country with seven thousand plus wonderful islands? I for one never tried to see them all.

But not only the islands that are interesting about Philippines, there is this people and culture that also makes the island fascinating to visit. Western people would always love the adventure in the country. And one thing that also makes foreigners keep coming back is the fact that it caters a good venue for other Asian countries who wish to level-up their skills in English.

There is this journal written by a Korean student that eventually moved me. He said in his journal that;

“Koreans did not work just for themselves but also for their neighborhood and country. Education inspired young men with the spirit of patriotism.”

Trying to talk about his countrymen and how they battle against poverty which they had 50 years ago.

In that article he also talked about the two jailers whom he met in one of the maximum-security compounds in the Philippines and said,

“I have been to the New Bilibid prison. What made me sad in the prison were the prisoners who do not have any love for their country. They go to mass and work for Church. They pray everyday. However, they do not love the Philippines.”

The comment from that man made me silent for a moment. Somehow it’s true. I partly agree and am shaken. Is this how other people in the world see Filipinos?

I couldn’t say he is wrong but I couldn’t say he is correct. Every person possesses an opinion. But I’m a Filipino. I know what’s going on in the country. Everyday, I read news and live in reality. I see flaws and catch problems. But everywhere in this world has.

I know, Filipinos sometimes have this unconcern disposition. But not all are. I love my country. I cried for this country several times but it’s not enough. Maybe Filipinos lifestyle is not really that good as compared to other countries in Asia. But why do the people from rich countries come here and envy the smile and the genuineness of the Filipinos.

I’m not bragging. I don’t want to brag about it. Who doesn’t want to improve and be better? Everyone does. Improvement is not meant to be the reason for any lives misery. Never mind. I’d rather be here and love to be here in my country. And live life to the fullest. Here, nobody needs to push me to study till early dawn just to get that degree that the majority wanted.

Yes, you can only achieve something through striving hard. But Filipinos thrive harder everyday. Strive to live a life and be happy. Who needs to be blame? No one. Who must judge a person’s condition? No one. There’s always beauty underneath the deathly white color of the dust. And there is no need for me to polish gold to know its gold.

A Korean Student’s View of the Philippines

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Is The Purpose of Waking up a Big Deal?

Why do I need to talk about waking up? What’s the big deal about it? Will life change if someone knows why he has to wake up?

Almost all people rise every morning possessing different reasons. But at times students, teachers, lawyers, vendors, businessmen, even presidents wake up every morning with no definite aim.

I remember, my mom got up so early just to prepare the table for us to have our breakfast before going to school. Everyday, she hums an upbeat melody that makes us wonder why she feels so happy most of the time. She seemed not tired doing something. One day, I asked her why she kept the habit very early for us. But she just simply said that she wanted it and she’s happy.

I also remember my student who served in the army for six years and uttered all sorts of bad-mouthing towards himself every time he wakes up. He told me that as soon as he opened his eyes and dragged himself to be awake, he conceived thousands of bullshit in his mind. He thought at that life isn’t worth it to live for. For him his life was a mess.
There are times, I woke up forgetting the reason why I had to. Forgetting the purpose of my existence and the reason why I’m still awake. But I’m not alone. How many people in this world who seem to do many things in a day just not knowing why they have to do that?

Why do I need to talk about waking up? What’s the big deal about it? Will life change if someone knows why he has to wake up? The answer is YES. Having a purpose makes it more easier for the person to reach his daily goal, meet the obstacles and embrace happiness.

Having a reason to wake up everyday makes a person able to sustain life. My mom knows her purpose. She knows why she wakes up. And she knows all the obstacles, how to meet them and be happy. But my student never realize the beauty of life because he never have any aspiration at all.

I am a teacher, a mother and a friend. I wake up inspired everyday for my students, my children and my friends. I know I am going to be on their side whatever will happen and doing that will always be my happiness. I wake up with a purpose and sleep fulfilled.


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Older Woman, Younger Man in Marriage

The world has changed a lot and it keeps changing. The past was far beyond the present. And the changes are quite obvious.

Centuries ago, men normally searched for women at least in their age or mostly younger than them. This is due to the norms in the past, making women subject for men. Men in the past ruled and dominated, making them the authority at home as well as in the society. At that time woman’s opinion are rarely accepted. And mostly, they are rejected and taken without importance.

Since people evolved in their way of living, concepts, views and approaches also transcend. The present turns out to be the total opposite of the past at times.

Today, relationships and even marriages is assimilated adversely by most conservatives. And one of the issues which are commonly misunderstood is the marriage between an older woman and a younger man.

Unavoidably true, men nowadays tend to look for woman older than them. A few contradict but the trend is unstoppable. In America and in some parts of Europe, the case is not already taken as an issue. Recently, a few in some parts of Asia embraces it.

Among them, thousands of couple is believed to be successful. It proves that huge age gaps and age differences between spouses don’t really affects the success in marriage.

How many old people act immature? How many older husbands pass their burdens to their younger wives? And how many marriages turn out happy even in the huge differences? It’s the understanding and love that matters not the said differences.

Perhaps, the world has opened its eyes and considers things even if it’s far beyond the norms. I for one agree that age doesn’t matter but the maturity of the person does.



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