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Philippine Park:Tasty Tempura Sauce

Parks in the Philippines are usually crowded on the weekends. Kids don’t have classes and some parents don’t go to work making it a rightful occasion to visit the park and play like the other kids.

The fun slide that my son used to play with the other kids on the park.

But what really excites me and my husband is not the park itself but the tempura that is sold just in any corner of the park. They make the playground livelier and what makes it salable is the tasty sauce normally in its sweet and spicy combination to give a varied taste for the kids and the adults.

Lame Ang Sauce Tilaw Lang means ” The Sauce Is Tasty, Just Try”

The tempura stand is made up of a three-wheeled bike that can easily be drawn anywhere the owner wants.

Yes, the owner can move the cart just anywhere in the place. Cart owners normally carry with them orange juice or soda to pair with the tempura they’re selling. For some they even have more snacks for the kids to choose from that includes corned chips, popcorn, corn grits, salted peanuts, biscuits and many more.

My son love tempura most with a sweetened sauce. He can’t endure the spicy one. A stick normally cost 10 pesos that around 25 cents in dollar so it’s not that expensive for parents to have. Very affordable I thought.

It costs 10 pesos a stick or more or less 25 cents in dollar. Affordable and delicious.


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Worth it for Your First Bite–Balut

What is Balut?

Balut is one of the most famous delicacies in the Philippines– one of a few that other people won’t dare a try.  But what is strange about it is,  most Filipinos abroad long to eat the egg. Another thing is that natives and foreigners who are bold enough to taste it claimed that its taste is fantastic.

It is a fertilized duck (or chicken) egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell.

Popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac and considered a high-protein, hearty snack, balut are mostly sold by street vendors in the regions where they are available. It is commonly considered as a street food in the Philippines.

Why is Balut eaten at night?

You might wonder why balut is sold at night.

First, according to most who have tried, this is all because the looks of balut may not be desirable for the person who eats it. With that, vendors suggested it to be eaten in the dark in order not to see it clearly. The feathers of the chick may be very destructive for the person who  is eating it. But if you’re used to eating balut, eating it day or night doesn’t really matter.

Second, it is popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac. An egg is said to be a natural way to attain high performance in bed that  help any man to be more energetic when they make love with his partner and that makes it advisable to be eaten at night.

Where can we find one?

Balut is sold in the sidewalk of a crowded area like in the market or every corner of every street. Some vendors tend not to stay in one place but roam around barefooted or at times with a bike.

For first timers, the taste may be odd but don’t worry once you’ve tasted it, you will always want it. Your first bite is worth it.

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My MODEL – The First Women Writers and Poetess in the Philippines

Writing poetry is one of my hobby and my pleasure since I was twelve. I remember my mom told me to go to sleep in the middle of the night while I was writing verses to fill my over flowing brain with words and thoughts. I was trained naturally to create lines and verses by myself with no mentor available. Thanks be to GOD.

No one push me to write poetry. And there is no need to do that. I find it effortless to write poems. My mind is agile enough to employ amazing colors, movements and beats enough to make one. But there are  a few writers and poet that I admire the most. They are the first women writers and poets in the Philippines.

Leona Florentino was claimed to be The First  Filipino Poetess according to a historian from Pampanga, Zoilo Galang. Leona was said to be from Ilocos. On the other hand Rosario de Leon who is from Pampanga was said to be The First Filipino Woman Novelist. Galang also added that there was another woman in the Visayas who said to be the first Filipino writer named Magalina Jalandoni. Along with the them was Felicidad Ocampo who said to be the The First Woman Filipino Novelist who wrote her novel in English.

Certainly they were all great women that deserve a recognition from us Filipinos. I believe Filipinos are indeed a great artist especially in the field of writing. That is the reason why I made them my model. I’m sure I will not be the first but sure enough that the passion will continue.


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The Biggest Served Pizza in The Philippines

Worried about what to feed for a dozen hungry people? Here is a big news for all the pizza lovers in the world. There is this biggest pizza served in the Philippines that will not only feed a family in a bonding, a classmate in a reunion and a friends in a joyful festive celebration but bring them to a different atmosphere in front of a 52 inches pizza .

How would that look like to you? A pizza house named Mama Maria’s Pizzeria is serving the biggest pizza in the Philippines that would slake your hunger. A humongous one that will not only make your eyes wide open but also make your mouth filled with an authentic thin crunchy Italiano pizza crust with flavors that would suit your taste.

The said pizza house treat it’s costumer differently. It will mix the dough right in front of  them so they can see the whole process of the preparation. Varieties of quality toppings are also used to satisfy the costumer’s needs.

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How countries in the tropics celebrate Christmas?

Who doesn’t dream about the famous, classic White Christmas? The Christmas which snow is everywhere. The Christmas which is most celebrated by the people in the north. White Christmas that turned out to be the title of a song and a movie.

But is there any other image which we can describe about Christmas? Being a Filipino and a settler in the Philippines, it is never a question why I dreamed and still dream  a Christmas with a snow.

I grow-up in a country which is located almost in the middle of the equator. A country that never experience the four seasons and never see snow on Christmas day. I celebrated Christmas as the other people in the tropics do. But what is it really like to celebrate Christmas in the tropics?

Christmas in the tropical countries are different. It’s the absence of coldness. The temperature though dropped in a few degrees is still a lot warmer compared to countries in the north. People are not only deprived to see snow but also unable to feel really cold. Almost all exert efforts to give warm to others especially the less fortunate one.

For many, Christmas is celebrated along with a number of reunions, parties, dinner, exchange of gifts, more of eating, drinking and dancing. Festivities are all over the country. Everyone is  warmed-up and houses blinked in hundreds of colorful lights. People from all walks of life flocked to the malls and shopped. And most importantly, people in the tropics concentrate more on how to give warm to one another. And that I believe is the real essence of Christmas. Give warm and being warmed by loved ones.

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