Plumbing Courses in America

There has been a belief in the past that says young men and women need a college degree in order to have future and be productive. The issue becomes the strength and motivation of every youth in the past as they venture to college.  Every diploma at that juncture has brought anybody to the door of success as it was the pathway towards becoming somebody in America way back in the 1900s. But as humans evolve, thinking also advance that even acquiring a college diploma turns out old-fashioned. Somehow, it is still the key towards greatness if you graduated in famous universities like Harvard and Yale. But how many students can graduate in the prestigious schools I mentioned above? Most probably a few thousands a year can as compared to the millions of American who only graduated from the regular colleges around. Surely the competition is tight enough to squeeze every youth’s mind in thinking what to study and what course could promise them a well-paying job.

Plumbing Courses, the Ticket to Success

Yes, today the best way towards stability is acquiring vocational and technical courses. And more often, it is associated with plumbing. Shocking isn’t it? But whether you like it or not, vocational courses has gone so far making millions of Americans hired and well compensated. How can plumbing courses change the life of those who wasn’t able to study college and for those who can’t afford Harvard?

  1. Plumbing Courses is an inclination to skills. Most aspirants and novices in the trade are usually inclined from their interests. Using their hands, they realize the enjoyment and not just the obligation to do something to be exemplary. This why the course is vocational which implies only with the heart on it can persevere.
  2. Plumbing Courses are cheap. As compared to other college course, plumbing is way too cheap to consider which means everybody with the desire can afford to send himself even without the aid of anybody.
  3. Plumbing Courses are shorter than college units. Plumbing is a vocational course not a degree. And the shortest vocational course is taken in a span of 6 months where theories and basic training are taken cared of.
  4. Plumbing Profession guarantees a solid-bracket income. Becoming a professional plumber assures anybody to receive $50,000 per year after four years of apprenticeship. Much higher than the other decent jobs around America. This is why millions of Americans grab the shortest and the cheapest ticket towards success and stability.

Beyond doubt, plumbing courses will help you realize your vocation from a sum of confidence to the optimistic venture of success.


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Sungha Jung- The real August

In my passion to music, I happen to encounter the real August in the movie August Rush. I was so fascinated with the boy’s perfect control to notes and beat to any song. Being a genius, he is now traveling around Asia to show his prowess to those who love music.

Sungha Jung is just a young Korean boy who probably devoted himself to plucking and strumming his guitar from dawn till night. Was it just his guitar or his just the real version of August.

His website is now open for your inquiries. And if you just want to unwind, I suggest you to visit the page and be fascinated like me.

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The Legendary Pop Music Diva: Nazia Hassan in Pakistan

Understanding pop music relatively needs not only a whimsical grasp to the music genre but also the real hold of its origin. Pop music was born when technology incorporates with the art of music creating it into a more innovative variation from just a simple song.

Pakistan Pop Music or the notably known as Paki-pop is influenced by the western pop music. Paki-pop is also a combination of the up the beat jazz, rock and roll, and hip-hop. In recent times, Pakistan pop music is widely accepted the countries in Asia. And among my loved singer was Nazia Hassan who was known to be the pop diva of the 70s. There is a song that made her a legend and an icon not only in Pakistan but also in Asia which is entitled Aap Jaisa Koi from the Indian film Qurbani that enthralled millions of pop music lovers to devote her.

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Making a Daily List – A Good Habit to Organize Kitchen

Have you ever picked up the wrong items and wrong products? Have you forgotten the right one again? Have you piled up foods in your fridge and kitchen cabinet pantries that turn out superabundant? Or filled your cabinets with things you mistakenly grabbed in the store. What more? Are you going to wait for the miracle? Indeed, there is something we can do about that doesn’t need us to spend money. All you need is just to follow a few steps and make it a habit. Good habit that will save you from wasting time, effort and money.

We often have these mistakes when we visit the grocery and the department store. We get all what we don’t need in the kitchen. Mistake? I don’t think so? We just never learn from our mistakes and so it turns out a habit. Why not change that habit into a much helpful one and then be well. To perfect it may not be that easy but I bet it’s 99% guaranteed possible. And to make sure that you will be able to observe them, the following steps will help you be guided and be able to build a good habit in organizing kitchen.

1) Make a list before visiting the grocery. If you didn’t memorize all the things that run out in your kitchen then have them listed in a paper or a post it before going to the grocery. A list will serve as your partner that will help you from forgetting the things you need to buy.

Making a list before visiting the grocery is beneficial. The habit of doing it will not only make you know what to do and where to go in the grocery but also transform you into a person of discipline. Following a list may not be easy since doing it may limit anyone to pick up stuff that isn’t in the list. But observing your list may also make you save time and money.

2) Make a daily record. There are times that we couldn’t remember all what we don’t have in just one recall. If you still neglected a few that you really needed, I guess it’s a matter of having a daily record. All you need to do is list down the things that you run out today instead of having it later.

Making a daily record is beneficial. The practice will assure you not to forget something and above all will spare you from stocking stuff you don’t exactly need. Aside from that, doing this as your daily exercise would make you more aware of the stocked goods you have in your kitchen cabinet pantries and kitchen organizers. With this you will certainly know when one is about to get expired. Isn’t that great? This will surely make you a reliable manager in the kitchen.

Organizing kitchen is about knowing the details and observing the routine. This is what usually makes us pressured and get stressed out. But wait, the steps and the routine I mentioned will undoubtedly give you the benefits of having an organized kitchen and will surely lessen your pressure. Anyhow, everything is just about how you make yourself do it. Put your foot forward. There is no need for you to give up. The job is as easy as a pie.

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Amala and Kamala- The Feral Sisters in India




The Two Sisters Kamala and Amala lying without a dress on the ground sleeping.

Have you heard about feral children? But maybe you already knew Romulus and Remus in Roman History. They are the best example of the known feral children in the world. Feral child usually underwent a very tragic experience like being abandoned by parents and left in the wild. Fate made them survived but left them with a trauma and unusual psychological problem. In Remus and Romulus case, they were luckily being able to survive with the tender loving care from a mother wolf that fed them and probably gave them the warmth that they need at night in the wild.

But just recently, around 1920s, there were another two children from India who were also raised by a mother wolf leaving them gestured like one. The two sisters Kamala and Amala were found naked in the jungle by a priest in Calcutta who later took care of them. The children were able to survive the abandonment but left with the trauma. As expected, since they were raised by the wolf they too acted like one. And that were commonly manifested by their behaviors. Walking in fours like any wolves actually made their hands thickened with callous obviously because they were walking with them like any animals. Another thing was their nocturnal behavior that made them awoke at night and eyes were used better off in the dark. They perfectly developed their sense of sight that made them able to see clearly at night. Amazingly transformed like their believed mother–wolf. But not only that, they also howl like wolves at night raising their heads towards the sky.

The story is a true example of how environment transformed someone just to help them survive with it. Isn’t it just fate? Or mystically the divine hands made a wolf raise the abandoned children like Kamala and Amala.


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All You Need Is Love

Love is everywhere. Love can be with you and with the person beside you. Love is usually present to the couples who were holding hands in the park benches. But you won’t believe this, love is literally everywhere even on the concrete fence wall. This graffiti in one of the street in London attest to that. And as you can see it in this text, it tells every passers-by “All You Need Is Love” which I truly agree. Do you?

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