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Watching “My Neighbor Totoro”

The Video: My Neighbor Totoro

My husband always tells me that I have a youthful heart. Honestly, I do. Not because I am naive or innocent but because I still love stuff that mostly young people do. Let’s take animation for example. Who couldn’t love animated movies? Almost all kids do love animation. First and foremost it will certainly hone kids imaginations and they’re more exciting. 

Few weeks ago I found out that animated movies can easily be found anywhere in the net. Wow! I felt relieved when I found one. I’ve known the movie three years ago but haven’t watch it. I thought the movie was really good since it’s created by the most famous writer and director Hayao Miyazaki. Indeed, it’s a good and exciting movie. The characters were perfectly presented. Knowing that the main characters were played by young children. 

Well, not all who loved animation are kids but I believe those who dare watch animated movies possesses a youthful heart like me.


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This Year 2011 – The Coming of Cars2 in Theaters Worldwide

Last 2006 the movie Cars, rocked the roads to theater that made all movie goers animated seeing a race of anthropomorphic motor vehicles into an adventure.

In the movie the character of Lightning McQueen was accidentally left behind and was directed to Route 66 where he was meeting all his friends that transform his outlook in life. McQueen learned the word true friendship in  Mater and fall in love with Sally Carrera.

This year  June 2011, Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Movies come with the thrilling high-octane new installment of the Cars saga. All the world’s a racetrack as racing superstar Lightning McQueen zooms back into action, with his best friend Mater in tow, to take on the globe’s fastest and finest in the World Grand Prix.

This time the two friends McQueen and Mater will not only race the world but  come racing to save the world. The action-packed journey of the two in there mission as spies as they chase to an explosive in the streets of Europe and Japan will thrill and rock everyone to come to theater and never let this pass. Another American computer-animated 3D film and the  sequel to the 2006 film Cars.

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Nico/Zero in RPG Metanoia

The 36th Metro Manila Film Festival

The year 2010 was an outstanding year for many  Filipino Film Makers. The eight official entries of the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival were beautifully crafted that it did not only satisfy the Filipino tastes but met the international standards of film making.

RPG Metanoia

What really impressed me most was the movie rpg metanoia, a movie that took four years in the making. A movie that were co-produced by ABS-CBN Film Productions and Ambient Media. It is said to be the first Filipino  computer-animated adventure film presented in 3D that somehow lift the image of  the Filipinos in the standard of film making. Many writers even gave their comments about it and said that the movie is up against the best of PIXAR Movies.

Zaijian  Jaranilla the voice of  Nico and Zero

The movie talks about the boy who is hooked with computer games. Zaijian Jaranilla who was chosen to be the voice of the boy Nico and Zero in the movie. Nico a local boy that has low self-esteem that only gets his guts and  gives all his passion in the game which he claims to be the only thing he knew. Inspired by his friends he continued to fight and be the hero of the group.

The Adventure of the Movie

The adventure goes with him and his friends in the computer world  of  MMORPG (Massively Multi-players Online Role Playing Game) otherwise called Metanoia. The Metanoia Network was said to be affected with the virus that affects the entire internet world that includes the minds of the players all over the world and Nico as Zero in the game has to muster his courage in order to know his fate as the hero of the story.

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