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Watching “Temptation of an Angel”

The Series: Temptation of an Angel

When can you tell the person showing you some affections and sympathy is true and not the one that came to realize his or her plot to revenge? Certainly no one knows.

Few days ago I was following a very beautiful Korean Drama series that made me have sleepless nights for being so restless not finishing it. I went crazy for a short period of time not being able to finish it soon. The story line is very captivating that you can help it but finish. 

I love watching drama but this one is different. The title itself explains the difference. An angel doesn’t need to tempt any one but in this case a man so simple in his dreams and so meek is a victim of revenge that he never committed. The woman whom he innocently love with all his heart wanted to kill him to make his parents— the culprit of the murder who happened 25years ago feel the sufferings she went through.

The story is more that hatred and revenge it is also a great example of love and forgiveness. Well, life is full of all those things. In the end anyone is responsible for the outcome of his or her life be it miserable or not. 


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Contemporary Men Organize Kitchen Better Than Women

In the past, kitchen happens to be the place in the house where women in their frocks can work and have their meals fixed. It used to be the place where they embraced their obligations and have it complied three times a day or more. The frumpish homely women can’t do anything but be a home worker and at times bound to it even if they hated it. Kitchen was believed to be their territory in the past. Men weren’t allowed to enter in the kitchen. So much so that they even didn’t give a heck to know what as in it and what was needed to be done.

But one concept has to undergo renovation if not changed. Recently, kitchen is the place where people spend their most delighted moments. It becomes the venue where frolic activities such as cooking and baking have to take place. Women got frolicked once they step into it but not only them. Currently, men are becoming active enough to function well in the kitchen. Men chefs are superabundant enough to beat down women in hotels and restaurants. This shows that, the past thinking was gone and now a new one takes place and is better embraced. If in the past, only women knew how to manage the kitchen. Now, men are more active at managing and taking control at things in it. Even to organize kitchen well, they are considered to be more hands on than the contemporary women.

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Older Woman, Younger Man in Marriage

The world has changed a lot and it keeps changing. The past was far beyond the present. And the changes are quite obvious.

Centuries ago, men normally searched for women at least in their age or mostly younger than them. This is due to the norms in the past, making women subject for men. Men in the past ruled and dominated, making them the authority at home as well as in the society. At that time woman’s opinion are rarely accepted. And mostly, they are rejected and taken without importance.

Since people evolved in their way of living, concepts, views and approaches also transcend. The present turns out to be the total opposite of the past at times.

Today, relationships and even marriages is assimilated adversely by most conservatives. And one of the issues which are commonly misunderstood is the marriage between an older woman and a younger man.

Unavoidably true, men nowadays tend to look for woman older than them. A few contradict but the trend is unstoppable. In America and in some parts of Europe, the case is not already taken as an issue. Recently, a few in some parts of Asia embraces it.

Among them, thousands of couple is believed to be successful. It proves that huge age gaps and age differences between spouses don’t really affects the success in marriage.

How many old people act immature? How many older husbands pass their burdens to their younger wives? And how many marriages turn out happy even in the huge differences? It’s the understanding and love that matters not the said differences.

Perhaps, the world has opened its eyes and considers things even if it’s far beyond the norms. I for one agree that age doesn’t matter but the maturity of the person does.



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