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Sky Blue

Sky Blue


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Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair

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Walking home from school normally becomes our afternoon exercise everyday. Our home is 15 minutes far from the road. We need to climb up a little since the house is located on the hill. I never remember a day that I didn’t ask him of what happen in school. My son loves school a lot and I want him to feel that as much as possible. So the road seems to be the right venue for a little chat about it.

Sitting in the plaza and feeling the breeze of the wind at the center of town is our usual recreation on the weekend. My son loves seeing the other children playing there and if he’s lucky he finds new friends to play with. 

He loves me painting his face with beautiful colors. I beleive he doesn’t know much about art yet but he feels liking arts. I love looking at him anyway and he enjoys that.

These days, he spend most of his time in school and he does things mostly related to it. I believe the very foundation of a person is build at home and in school. Philippine Education is getting tougher each year. And yet, I wish my son to see that it’s not about the difficulty he normally faces in school everyday; it’s the fun he found in learning new things that would probably make him a greater person in the future is the best achievement he can get from it.

There were days that life seems difficult and unhospitable. Problems arises and going out for a sweet creamy softie is the only way to ease them. I love him seeing with a smiling eyes while eating the ice cream in celebration. Children needs good stuff to turn the ir moods upside down.

Swimming is fun not just for adults but more so to kids. My son can’t swim well yet but he loves the fascinating  feeling that only water can bring. Free beaches are just 15 miuutes away from home and indeed beautiful especially early in the morning or near sunset where the sun is not high.

Most mothers say, molding kids temperament and personality is the hardest job a mother could get. I swear it is. But honestly it’s getting easier each day because I love my son and I never do anything that will turn him to worst.

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An Improvised Crayon Holder

Almost everyone of us would love to use new ones as much as possible butI guess almost allmothers wish they can save and make use of the old ones. So here I am a mother and like most of the mothers, I also love save. Actually the idea just poped up in my head one day when I saw my son suffer from using an old broken crayons to color his homework. It’s not that I can’t buy a new crayons for him but I guess I should ne the first person to teach him how to save.The idea sounds somewhat crazy but I bet it will also work on you.

First, I gathered and checked all my broken old crayons together. I actually have them all kept in a container because I didn’t have in mind to just throw them away and also for me to find them easily.

And then I look for a used old pen. What did I do with it? Well, I thought of using it to improvised a tool that will help my son use the broken old crayons without difficulty.

I thought the case of the pen maybe useful as an extender of the broken old crayon.

The back part of the pen is maybe pefect for this crazy project. I was just optimistic and decisive about making new things from the ordinary.

I just made sure the crayons fit right into the back case of the pen. Perfect fit! That’s what I was looking for.

Now, there you are. An improvised crayon holder. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s a very functional holder. Because you can always pull the crayon out and change to whatever color you’re going to use.

And there you are! My son–using the improvised crayon holder with comfort and ease. I believe everything can be done with a genius idea and a little creativity. Everybody can formulate anything, all we need is a little determination and a the fun to do it.

I hope you like this share. ^^,


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Making a Daily List – A Good Habit to Organize Kitchen

Have you ever picked up the wrong items and wrong products? Have you forgotten the right one again? Have you piled up foods in your fridge and kitchen cabinet pantries that turn out superabundant? Or filled your cabinets with things you mistakenly grabbed in the store. What more? Are you going to wait for the miracle? Indeed, there is something we can do about that doesn’t need us to spend money. All you need is just to follow a few steps and make it a habit. Good habit that will save you from wasting time, effort and money.

We often have these mistakes when we visit the grocery and the department store. We get all what we don’t need in the kitchen. Mistake? I don’t think so? We just never learn from our mistakes and so it turns out a habit. Why not change that habit into a much helpful one and then be well. To perfect it may not be that easy but I bet it’s 99% guaranteed possible. And to make sure that you will be able to observe them, the following steps will help you be guided and be able to build a good habit in organizing kitchen.

1) Make a list before visiting the grocery. If you didn’t memorize all the things that run out in your kitchen then have them listed in a paper or a post it before going to the grocery. A list will serve as your partner that will help you from forgetting the things you need to buy.

Making a list before visiting the grocery is beneficial. The habit of doing it will not only make you know what to do and where to go in the grocery but also transform you into a person of discipline. Following a list may not be easy since doing it may limit anyone to pick up stuff that isn’t in the list. But observing your list may also make you save time and money.

2) Make a daily record. There are times that we couldn’t remember all what we don’t have in just one recall. If you still neglected a few that you really needed, I guess it’s a matter of having a daily record. All you need to do is list down the things that you run out today instead of having it later.

Making a daily record is beneficial. The practice will assure you not to forget something and above all will spare you from stocking stuff you don’t exactly need. Aside from that, doing this as your daily exercise would make you more aware of the stocked goods you have in your kitchen cabinet pantries and kitchen organizers. With this you will certainly know when one is about to get expired. Isn’t that great? This will surely make you a reliable manager in the kitchen.

Organizing kitchen is about knowing the details and observing the routine. This is what usually makes us pressured and get stressed out. But wait, the steps and the routine I mentioned will undoubtedly give you the benefits of having an organized kitchen and will surely lessen your pressure. Anyhow, everything is just about how you make yourself do it. Put your foot forward. There is no need for you to give up. The job is as easy as a pie.

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Micro-Cube Kitchen to Organize Kitchen You Don’t Have

Organizing your kitchen becomes a struggle when you only have a limited space. A good space always promise you with a peaceful mind; makes you more creative and allows you to be at your best. But how can you keep all these things right when you don’t have the space but elbowroom which you only have yourself confined and restricted. A common question for people who just moved from the country to the city where every yardstick is priced and cost them an arm and a leg; where all you can afford is a room for you to lay on your head. Isn’t it sad? Is there anyway you can have a place, a space to be called your kitchen to organize?

But don’t be surprise; TrendHunter has brought to you a piece of art that will surely answer you with its new portable kitchen opening that gives you the space you always wanted. New Micro-Cube Kitchens–The portable kitchen you can fixed the way you like it to be. The cupboards in cube that will help you utilize the limited space you have in an effective way. Now, say bye-bye to the confinement you used to have. It was the old space that makes you bound and stuffy. Step in and feel free. Now, you have your way to explore and be as creative as you can be.

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Remote-Controlled Cupboards to Organize Kitchen

It is never an issue that kitchen is burdensome to manage and maintain. You might see many people get pissed when they are in the kitchen. Run here and run there. Fixed this and that. It shows you a never ending bustling. This is true because it is an area not only for cooking but a territory you need to systematize. And even with that job alone you have to consider things out. You have to know your area well before you can take control of everything. If not, you will never have peace.

But how are they attained? Well, believe it or not, the contemporary world has provided us the best solution we can have to organize kitchen. So easy, get a Remote-Controlled Kitchen-the kitchen that will not give you a hassle. With remote-controlled kitchen, you will not only have it as your territory but your sanctuary as well–the heaven that you dreamed of. Wither you are cooking or baking, things can be done in just a single press of a button. A fully programmable kitchen that will do you away with the usual encumbrance you frequently encounter. So why stick with the cut-and-dried when you can have things done as easy as pie.

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