A True Story of a Man: Love And Family

19 Jan

Not all love ends well. But the consolation is, it always brings forth hope, sacrifice, and lesson and the most importantly it brings life.

Once there was man named Shehzadje who belonged to a poor family. His father is an electrician and his mother is a house wife. His life is full of sorrow. Family, parents, siblings, and even loves life. He once had a problem that hit him hard and cut his heart deep. He fell in love with his own cousin, Lubna.

In Pakistan, falling in love with a relative is possible. Arranged marriages have been an integral part of Pakistani society for years and it is traditional to have arranged marriages. Arranged matches are made after taking into account factors such as the wealth and social standing of their families. A marriage can also be made within the extended family such as between cousins.

But what’s sad about this story was it’s a one sided love. Lubna refused him and doesn’t want to be loved by Shehzadje. Things were getting complicated. Both families were already involved with the situation. One big problem he had was his father who kept angry toward him.

When he was on the 7th grade, that even to his inexperienced, he still came to realize many things about the reality of life. Eventually, he joined his father’s shop to be a help. His father used to play cards and indulged into vices and most of the time lost a huge amount of money. The shop’s sales weaken that the he has to handle it with care. He can’t afford to loose it. But his father is still ungrateful to him. Anytime he called him thief and much more abusive words which I don’t care to write here.

Shehzadje is a well-mannered man that every one would tend to like him. And since the shop was too weak for him to save, he effort to work some other occupations like making samosa– a stuffed pastry and a popular snack in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Mediterranean. He also made pakora– a fried snack seen in Asia created from one or two ingredients such as onion, eggplant, potato and many more. After some time the sales weaken again and so he joined to become a taxi driver.

He drove taxi on the road and made money for his family. After 2 years his joined driving taxi and got engaged with a woman in his village. But his father still didn’t like him that most of the time he called him mediocre that he didn’t work very well. He didn’t want to argue and so ignored any talk from his father and work hard instead. He took care of his family and faced many problems and accomplished them very well.

He has two brothers and because of his determination he made them strong enough. He can afford to give all for them. That’s how he loves his brothers. But his father was never happy with him. One time, for the love for his brother he gave his own taxi for him to have his own earnings but his father couldn’t appreciate that.

Shehzadje joined his friend’s taxi and after a couple of years he got married but didn’t enjoy his new life. After two days of his marriage, his father fought with him that he couldn’t go to work for several reasons. At that time he didn’t have money and didn’t have any work. So he talked with his friend to accept him as a laborer.

He struggled hard and took his own shop in the new village and work there hard. He made the shop so stable. In contrary to that, his father was not happy and fought with him at any time for the small amount of money he brought home.

After one year, his wife got pregnant, gave birth to a one cute little child names Shehreyar. As expected his father never felt happy about it but instead fought with him. After some time his brother was without work. He gave him some money to work but lost it. With a few amount of money, his brother bought another taxi for him but he was not angry. He can never be angry with his brother.

He has to find another taxi. Good thing, his friend’s taxi was in standby so he asked him to drive that and earned. Not for long, his brother’s friend took the taxi from him and left him without work.

Shehzadje’s life was a roller coaster. Until now he is still fighting for life. but he never lost hope. He never feels tired to continue. He was inspired t o live for his family, his brothers, his wife and now his baby Shehreyar. He continued to take the quest and never give up. He has still the faith that he can do it.

Recently, Shehzadje bought a new taxi for him. He is now happy and contented with life along with his new shop. His father pushed him to separate but never did he think of doing that. In Pakistani culture and society, any son who separates from his parents is misunderstood as neglectful and rude towards his parents. So even to his father’s idea to detach, he still didn’t. He is such a good man, a humble son, a kind brother, a loving husband and hopefully a model father to his son.

Would he stay the same? I hope.



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