Writing Poetry

20 Dec

The greatest tool for improving poetry is the input of those who read it. I want to know what makes sense and what doesn’t? What flows well and what sounds awkward? What evokes emotion and what falls flat? What is pithy and what is verbose?

When I write a poem, I always consider what makes you think and of what it makes you think? Am I saying anything new or in a new way or is my writing tiresome and frivolous? There are lines I wish to express and that provokes other people to do so.

There are many poets coming out nowadays. Writing poems is not an easy job. For some people it needs  a lot of time pondering and keeping a pen and a paper close by throwing a dodge bodge of similar ideas & feelings into scribbles and doodles until someone finds the words to convey an idea.

Mind you, a lot of times I just riddled in vagaries as someone who is a bit reserved and not known for a vast vocabulary. I feel as though I write someone’s feelings and sound to be me. Extremely pretentious as I am any singer singing to someones music or an actress that refuses to watch himself in screen.

Writing a poem is more than just expressing a point and more than intensifying an idea. It’s  honing your expertise and designing your own pieces of art like that of a paint hanged on the wall. Poetry is piece of art painted through words and there comes out a beauty that no one can deny. A beauty that a reader can only tell.

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